NakedFoodie: You Haven’t Had Gelato Like This Before

You Haven’t Had Gelato Like This Before

Last August 2016, my good friend Karla Zulueta started Aperitif, which means “appetizers” in French. It all started one hungover morning (like all great business ideas usually start) after a house party when Karla was urged by her friends to turn her culinary and party hosting skills and passion to a business. With help from her sister and business partner Kim Zulueta, they put up an all-female millennial team. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Fast forward to 2018, and sisters Karla and Kim just opened their first brick and mortar shop in SM Aura! It’s a totally unique grab and go concept that takes inspiration from their grazing box ideas (the first ever in the Philippines, may I add)—this only goes to show that these amazing sisters have an excellent business acumen and work ethic.

The bestsellers include their graze cone which is basically their grazing box in a handy-dandy cone. They also have gelato cones that are put together to look like a flower, it’s amazing and totally Instragram-worthy. Karla even invited me to Aperitif to go behind the scenes and learn how to make a gelato fleur. You guys look out for that soon on the vlog!

For a heartier option, they have fresh pasta in a practical takeout container! How’s that for an easy lunch or dinner that certainly won’t disappoint! The pasta is made fresh and was creamy and indulgent. As if that isn’t enough it was topped with Parma ham which took me back to Tuscany with every bite. To up the ante, they even offer wine good for two.

Located at the 4th floor of SM Aura, the Aperitif shop is quaint and tastefully Designed by Nix Alañon.

I’m so glad to have been part of this event and I hope you all check Aperitif at SM Aura out!

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